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2009年慈濟社區歲末祝福.jpg  二OO九年歲末祝福標語:在苦難中長養慈悲,在變數中考驗智慧-「靜思法脈勤行道,慈濟宗門人間路」。


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DSCN2935.jpg  去年,二零零九年,因某種原因我接觸了吉他,中途的插班上課直到現在,上了五堂課!對於一些基礎性的樂理認知還尚可,自己評分60分及格,但有些卻有點不太清楚!每次下班回家,有時累了躺在床上就睡著,有時看著買的書籍閱讀著就沒彈,今年的頭一年,頭一次上課,老師拿了節拍器給我們要我們回去照著節奏"爬格子",天呀!老師上課,他彈的超級有節奏,我聽著聽著身體也想動起來。但

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Today is the end of a month, the library is not opened.

In the morning, there were not any works for us, so I assisted an engineer of the Research & Development in our department. I helped to test the infrared for him. I shook it, shook and shook, again and again. I must tell the engineer when the system shut down. He will rewrite the procedure language! The action always recycles. In that time he told me about interpersonal nets and he persuaded me into studying English. He is the second person to tell me these things. Although I don't know him very much, but I understand these are very well for me.

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21st to 25th September, 2009

I’m not a nice man that to love everyone everywhere.

It’s very dangerous to press work in the second factory. I went the second factory of Chi-Lin and I don’t like the morning shift (I call them is Group A) from begin to end. The night shift is polite more than the morning shift. You can pay attention to an aspect, like father, like son. However, A thing is right or not, they only think "They are right", They alway think so. I worked with oil and irons each time it were so very boring everybody thinks. I worked as a supporter for three times. Today, all is game over.

I have worked in the department of system development in the first factory of Chi-Lin. Than I’m a member of supporter team too. Although our department isn’t very nice, I mean wages….

Tonight I went the library, I was so angry. I want to give them some palms on their face. I don’t study in the quiet place. Most senior high school students are talking each other. They continued conversations with their classmates or friends, a word, two sentences, three sentences, and more more more... The library has become their personal chat place. I can't stand it, so finally I was angry and left here so early.


Johnson Wu

25th September,2009


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Maybe I must stop doing any actions, don’t enter MSN to talk with ones, operate facebook, roam the networks or don’t watch Super Idol and my love play of "Legend of The Dragon Blade".

Recent several weeks, I didn’t do my plans. I know the truth will happen in my-side. I’m a lazy man. I’m lazy so much... I don’t any powers let me strive to study hard. My emotions are very complicated. I understand now I only will depend on myself.

Don't touch my computer!!



19th September,2009


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Mistake is a kind of choice in your life. No mistake no success.

There are more mistakes in my life, matters, people, places, time, and things.

Maybe you will regret so much after the matters happened. We often recycle to do mistakes, for example, sometimes, we usually choose some wrong friends, take some wrong choices, do wrong things in your workplace and so on. They often recycle in my live. One’s say, No mistake no success, but maybe yes or no! I don’t know. I only understand a thing, I chose a wrong friend!

I long for real friends in my live. Perhaps, I don’t find any honest buddies in the workplace or the way of my life. So I must give up? I know? I don’t know? What is the meaning of your life? Seek more money? Aspire to become a great man? Or pursue the value in your life? Now the value in my life, I need have a normal live, to try to love my parents, my family.

Good night, my dear.

Johnson Wu

17th September, 2009


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I went to the haircut's shop yesterday.

The haircutter is a grandmother, I has had a haircut from grade three of primary school to now...

She told me, her grandson has been out of work for some time.

Her grandson studied in Department of Engineering in one's university in a long time ago.

Everybody depend on one's Famous National University or National One's University of Science &Technology, and they want to get a nice job or work. To tell the truth, I'm the same as others, I don't oppose that. At this moment I still don’t like my job.

Sometimes it should be more people at all (I have mixed with in.)

However, everyone's thinks are alike, you, he, she, me or anyone.

Now I don't know how to step my way by myself? Somebody can tell me true conversations from the heart for me! I often doubt more matters all the time from morn to night in my daily day. I need your help to solve for me.

All my best to my buddies.


Johnson Wu (True mane: Hsu, Wu-Cheng)

15th September, 2009


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1、不要剽竊工作時間。 (我應該是沒有)




3、要誠實坦率,並且把焦點投注在你的優點上。 (哈,做人低調,本人一身缺點)

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