Todayd(8/21) was Day 9, we have cleaned here.

Last Tuesday(8/11) was Day 1, we started  from the first factory of ChiLin to the Shan-shang factory of ChiLin by company bus.

Today was the end day.

We took the Long-Mao bus(龍貓公車) and said goodbye to all.

John got a phone and came back the way to the first factory of ChiLin.

Message: Next week we must come back there again!

Because sales reps doesn't any cases!!! We won't any work next week.

By the way------------------------------------------------------------------

EM Engineer:John (medium level) BA

PM Sale Rep:Hermes (Hight level) MBA

MM Operator: Johnson (Low low low level) BA

The three persons' backgrounds are the same, Business Administration (BA).

I feel I lose my face by my own self.

Lose my face by myself.....lose my face by myself......................


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