I went to the haircut's shop yesterday.

The haircutter is a grandmother, I has had a haircut from grade three of primary school to now...

She told me, her grandson has been out of work for some time.

Her grandson studied in Department of Engineering in one's university in a long time ago.

Everybody depend on one's Famous National University or National One's University of Science &Technology, and they want to get a nice job or work. To tell the truth, I'm the same as others, I don't oppose that. At this moment I still don’t like my job.

Sometimes it should be more people at all (I have mixed with in.)

However, everyone's thinks are alike, you, he, she, me or anyone.

Now I don't know how to step my way by myself? Somebody can tell me true conversations from the heart for me! I often doubt more matters all the time from morn to night in my daily day. I need your help to solve for me.

All my best to my buddies.


Johnson Wu (True mane: Hsu, Wu-Cheng)

15th September, 2009




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