21st to 25th September, 2009

I’m not a nice man that to love everyone everywhere.

It’s very dangerous to press work in the second factory. I went the second factory of Chi-Lin and I don’t like the morning shift (I call them is Group A) from begin to end. The night shift is polite more than the morning shift. You can pay attention to an aspect, like father, like son. However, A thing is right or not, they only think "They are right", They alway think so. I worked with oil and irons each time it were so very boring everybody thinks. I worked as a supporter for three times. Today, all is game over.

I have worked in the department of system development in the first factory of Chi-Lin. Than I’m a member of supporter team too. Although our department isn’t very nice, I mean wages….

Tonight I went the library, I was so angry. I want to give them some palms on their face. I don’t study in the quiet place. Most senior high school students are talking each other. They continued conversations with their classmates or friends, a word, two sentences, three sentences, and more more more... The library has become their personal chat place. I can't stand it, so finally I was angry and left here so early.


Johnson Wu

25th September,2009





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